Standard deviation zones Support & Resistance [LM]

Hi Guy,

I would like to introduce you Standard deviation zones Support & Resistance horizontals. It draws line horizontals on high and low st dev zone. The colors are dynamic depending whether price is below or above the line.

Credit is due to @Zeiierman for st dev zone calculation so shout out to him.

There are various sections in setting:

general setting where you can select source for zone calculation
tops setting
bottom setting
show and hide section of the first timeframe
show and hide section of the second timeframe

Be aware that when new zone starts and is not finished yet than the top will trail the high of unfinished zone that could be also at the high of current candle and next candle it can change

Any suggestions are welcomed
Notas de Lançamento: Bug fix for high of the zone
Notas de Lançamento: fixing error with endIndex
Open-source script

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Quer usar esse script no gráfico?


This is not plotting lines on chart @lmatl
lmatl siddharthterse
@siddharthterse, this would happen only in case that there is no st. deviation zone extreme
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