Trading hours background highlight UTC based

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Highlights trading hours using background colors
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//Based on ChrisMoody's Forex Session Templates Based on EST-New York Time Zone

study(title="Trading hours background highlight UTC based",shorttitle="Trading hours", overlay=true)
timeinrange(res, sess) => time(res, sess) != 0

//Change true to false = You have to turn on, won't show up by default
//****Always use lowercase letters

doNYOpen = input(defval=true, type = bool, title="NY Open On")
doNYSession = input(defval=true, type = bool, title="NY Session On")
doNYClose = input(defval=true, type = bool, title="NY Close On")

doEurOpen = input(defval=true, type = bool, title="Euro Open On")
doEurSession = input(defval=true, type = bool, title="Euro Session On")
doEurClose = input(defval=true, type = bool, title="Euro Close On")

//You can copy and paste these colors. white - silver - gray - maroon - red - purple - fuchsia - green - lime
//   olive - yellow - navy - blue - teal - aqua - orange 

nySessionStart = white
nySession = white
nySessionEnd = white
europeSessionStart = #1E90FF
europeSession = #1E90FF
europeSessionEnd = #1E90FF

//****Note ---- Use Military Times --- So 3:00PM = 1500

bgcolor(doNYOpen and timeinrange(period, "0800-0810") ? nySessionStart : na, transp=20)
bgcolor(doNYSession and timeinrange(period, "0800-1700") ? nySession : na, transp=75)
bgcolor(doNYClose and timeinrange(period, "1650-1700") ? nySessionEnd : na, transp=20)

bgcolor(doEurOpen and timeinrange(period, "0800-0810") ? europeSessionStart : na, transp=20)
bgcolor(doEurSession and timeinrange(period, "0800-1630") ? europeSession : na, transp=75)
bgcolor(doEurClose and timeinrange(period, "1615-1630") ? europeSessionEnd : na, transp=20)


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