Tabajara + 3 MA + Vwap + Volume Confirmation + Background Color

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Hi Traders!!!
My name is Alan and i'm here to share my script based on Tabajara Rule from Brasilian Professor/Trader Andre Machado.

This script shows:

1 Long SMA
1 Tabajara Color SMA
1 Color Long EMA
1 Color Short EMA
1 Vwap
1 Background Colored based in 21 EMA

So what Tabajara is?

Tabajara is a Trend Following Trade System.

If the MA is going up, you look for buy oportunitys.
If the MA is going down you only look for sell oportunitys.

And the coloring Candlesticks are based on Tabajara MA, if an buy candle closes above Tabajara MA which is going up, it candlestick is painted green acoording Tabajara MA, if Tabajara is going down and the candle closes as a sell candle, this candle is painted red.

To this indicator was added a volume ma to confirm Tabajara Candle Rule, if the volume is over the 21 ma the condition is ok.

Well my english isn't good as all you can see.
But my intentions are.

I use the trade system to operate futures market and USD/BRL and works very well at 1 minute time frame.
I hope you enjoy and make money.
If you have any question you are free to ask me and share your experience.
Remember to follow all Technical Analysis instructions. This script only helps to see the trend and volume . We only recieve 2 information from Stock Exchange, price and volume , they need to be used together, volume confirms trend, and all basic rules to be a sucessfull trader.
Thank you all.
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