Example - Future Line Drawing

Example primarily focuses on:

• creating a simple function to get a time offset value
• using the offset to set drawing locations in the future
• how to properly set up and manipulate line positions

Extras ( end of script ):

• inclusion of vertical lines for visualising start and end points using the time offsets
• inclusion of label to read out the current time offset forwards/backwards

This script publication is intended for:

• Educational Purposes

Who is it for?

• anyone who wants to learn the basics of drawing using 'time' for purposes of positioning
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Great code, nice to read
+1 Resposta
@AlexEg, Thankyou :)
would you please tell us in simple words. what is this indicator for ?
JayRogers rizwanali009
@rizwanali009, It is meant to try and help people who are interested in creating their own indicators to get to grips with the basics ins-and-outs of using 'line.new' and setting offsets for it. This script in itself is not intended to be used as an indicator on it's own.
Can we use this script for entering a trade? Thanks for your feedback.
Really nice of you to lay your time on us n00bs.
Thanks a bunch
JayRogers Snatchshis
@Snatchshis, You're very welcome.