Disclosure of 'MACD-Total' indicator (MACD-T)

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A trend indicator has been added to the previously published MACD-Price indicator.

The added MS-Signal indicator is an indicator for viewing the trend and the strength of the trend.

Trading with a trend line is not easy.

Therefore, various MA lines or slanted lines drawn on the chart are used to see the flow of the chart.

Therefore, it is not recommended to trade with the added MS-Signal indicator as support and resistance points.

A trade requires support and resistance points.

To mark support and resistance points, you need a point or section on the horizontal line.

Therefore, it is necessary to utilize the 'Buy/Sell' indicator corresponding to the previously disclosed MACD-Price indicator.

(1W chart)
The long horizontal point of the 'Buy/Sell' indicator serves as support and resistance .

It is possible to check in which section the trend reversal has changed by displaying the MS-Signal indicator.

(1D chart)
A move has emerged to show a reversal of the trend by breaking above the MS-Signal indicator.

Therefore, the MS-Signal indicator is about to change from a downtrend to an uptrend.

I numbered the horizontal line of the 'Buy/Sell' indicator.

The length is different in the order of No. 2 > No. 1 > No. 3.

Since horizontal line 2 is the longest, it indicates that support and resistance play the greatest role.

If you check the support at the first horizontal point, it can be interpreted that there is a high possibility of receiving resistance at the second horizontal point.

However, if you find support at the 2nd horizontal point, you can see that it will go up significantly with 3rd position.

Trading with indicators allows you to make quick choices and decisions.

However, more important than the use of indicators is your own trading strategy.

in other words,

- How much investment will you proceed with the purchase?
- How to proceed with installment purchases
- At what point will the Stop Loss be done?
- How long will the investment period be?
- Is it a long-term investment or a short-term investment?

As listed above, the most important trading strategy for trading should be established.

When conducting a trade, ignoring the above list and thinking about where to buy and where to sell is like sailing in the dark.

We disclose the indicators in the hope that it will become a faster and more objective indicator for trading with the trading strategy you have established.

thank you

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