JZ_Chaikin HTF Volatility Breakout

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First off, all credit to Harry Potter as this is a minor customization of his indicator.

Basic additions:

-- Added a Higher Timeframe that is set to Daily but can be changed. Timeframe does wait until barstate.isconfirmed so won't repaint.
-- Added HMA smoothing line to both Chart and HTF. Can be used as it's own signal, as confirmation or in combination with faster signal line -- Breakout signal & Range Highlight use both.
-- Added optional coloring of HMA based on whether increasing or decreasing.
-- Added a low volatility option that highlights Range/No Trade zones. Defval is off so needs to be selected from inputs.

Breakout Signals are very simple and both take the HTF signal and HMA. When the faster Volatility line rises from below zero and comes within the range of -10 to 0, AND the HMA signals is increasing (and also below zero) for confirmation, generates a breakout signal of an incoming big move. You can alter the breakout threshold to be greater or less than -10, I just found that works best for filtering out the noise and false signals. Won't catch everything, but pretty reliable when it does.

Tested mostly on BTC so can't vouch for other assets and would likely need modification.

I've JUST taught myself coding from scratch (and to say I'm an amateur is an understatement), so apologies in advance if anything is unclear or could be coded better. Open to any suggestions.
Notas de Lançamento:
** Added input parameters for users to be able to change the range of breakout levels
** Added swing low condition for HMA confirmation of breakout
** Added condition where Chk Line must be INCREASING and in range to generate signal.
Notas de Lançamento:
Added barstate confirmation to avoid any repaint (even though unlikely)
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