Moving Average Bundle

3 Moving Average Lines. All parameters are configurable via user input.

Each of these moving average lines already exist as individual indicators in TradingView. This script just bundles them for one stop shopping. It's helpful if you're limited by the number of indicators per chart. And highly educational: quickly compare the different averaging methods!

sma: Simple Moving Average
rma: Recursive Moving Average
ema: Exponential Moving Average
wma: Weighted Moving Average
vma: Volume Weighted Moving Average
wma: Weighted Moving Average
alma: Arnaud Legoux Moving Average

Note: Only Pine built-in functions are included.

Notas de Lançamento: Added several filters. See the beginning comments in the code for a full description.

- Ehler's Laguerre filter
- Ehler's Adaptive Laguerre filter
- Ehler's Super Smoothing filter, 2 pole and 3 pole
- Hull moving average
- Percentile moving line
- Highest Lowest average moving line (like the Ichimoku Cloud)
- Exponential decay lines

Filters can be cascaded. Optional shading between filters.

This moving average bundle helps me get a feel for how different TA filters work, or don't work... or how they relate to each other. It's fascinating! I've spent too much time combining filters in unconventional ways, experimenting... playing. Oh, and trading too. Hope you find it useful :)
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Great work brobear. Thanks for sharing the script!
brobear PsYiiX
@PsYiiX, Cheers!
@brobear , FYI: `rma` stands for `running moving average` :)
brobear everget
@everget, Ah... thanks! I'll fix this.

Good timing. I'm about to release another version of this script with more filters.
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