Empresas da África do Sul engaged in one sector: Commercial Services

These Empresas da África do Sul operate in the same sector, Commercial Services. They're equipped with price, change, and other stats to help you get the most details. The list contains stocks for any strategy: from giants with large caps to cheaper options. Filter the list by any metric you need and check companies' performance in a convenient way.
Variação %
Volume Rel
Valor de mercado
EPS dil
Crescimento EPS dil.
12M Ano a Ano
Div. yield %
Classificação dos Analistas
4SI4SIGHT HOLDINGS LTD79 ZAC+2.60%7.736K0.01421.473M ZAR14.580.05 ZAR+220.71%3.16%
ADHADVTECH LTD2759 ZAC+0.40%103.587K0.3615.107B ZAR16.901.63 ZAR+50.45%2.43%
ADRADCORP HOLDINGS LIMITED373 ZAC−17.11%9.233K0.35400.639M ZAR6.590.57 ZAR8.74%
EMHE MEDIA HOLDINGS LTD316 ZAC0.00%4.895K0.621.302B ZAR5.760.55 ZAR+22.08%12.03%
EMNE MEDIA HOLDINGS LTD -N-290 ZAC−3.33%10K0.361.302B ZAR5.290.55 ZAR+22.08%13.10%
KALKAL GROUP LIMITED4090 ZAC−4.88%49.652K1.932.881B ZAR6.816.00 ZAR+32.86%4.40%
NVSNOVUS HOLDINGS LIMITED406 ZAC0.00%14.029K0.201.277B ZAR8.480.48 ZAR0.00%
PMVPRIMESERV GROUP LTD135 ZAC0.00%3.771K0.14106.531M ZAR5.160.26 ZAR−3.47%7.04%
SDOSTADIO HOLDINGS LIMITED487 ZAC−0.81%73.939K0.514.149B ZAR22.690.21 ZAR+514.90%1.82%
SZKSAB ZENZELE KABILI3101 ZAC−11.40%1430.261.257B ZAR1.9416.02 ZAR0.00%
TCPTRANSACTION CAPITAL LTD972 ZAC+0.41%727.919K0.267.631B ZAR−1.23 ZAR−136.87%0.00%
Alta forte
WKFWORKFORCE HOLDINGS LTD149 ZAC−6.88%5970.26335.983M ZAR4.400.34 ZAR+1.19%0.00%