Empresas da África do Sul companies operating in one industry: Apparel/Footwear Retail

The list below has Empresas da África do Sul that operate under the same industry, Apparel/Footwear Retail. The list helps track their performance, income statement, and more. Sorted by any necessary metric, it can show the most expensive stocks of the industry or those with the best price dynamics, thus assisting in designing strategies of any focus.
Variação %
Volume Rel
Valor de mercado
EPS dil
Crescimento EPS dil.
12M Ano a Ano
Div. yield %
Classificação dos Analistas
AONAFRICAN & OVER ENT LTD -N1460 ZAC−2.67%2K0.79175.545M ZAR3.584.08 ZAR+331.30%0.00%Comércio de Varejo
MRPMR PRICE GROUP LTD17318 ZAC+1.82%828.736K0.8343.881B ZAR15.3011.32 ZAR−1.58%4.30%Comércio de Varejo
Tendência de Alta
PPHPEPKOR HOLDINGS LTD1950 ZAC+1.09%634.861K0.2670.781B ZAR−0.37 ZAR−127.77%2.49%Comércio de Varejo
Tendência Neutra
TFGTHE FOSCHINI GROUP LIMITED11174 ZAC+2.13%334.247K0.4735.389B ZAR13.058.56 ZAR2.74%Comércio de Varejo
Tendência Neutra
TRUTRUWORTHS INT LTD8076 ZAC+3.66%886.168K0.9128.548B ZAR9.228.76 ZAR+83.76%7.25%Comércio de Varejo
Tendência Neutra
WHLWOOLWORTHS HOLDINGS LTD6938 ZAC+0.45%564.175K0.3262.469B ZAR12.805.42 ZAR+26.41%4.53%Comércio de Varejo
Tendência Neutra