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These Empresas Indianas operate in the same sector, serviços públicos. They're equipped with price, change, and other stats to help you get the most details. The list contains stocks for any strategy: giants with large caps like NTPC LTD, top gainers like KPI GREEN ENERGY LTD, and more. Filter the list and check companies' performance in a convenient way.
Valor de mercado
Variação %
Volume Rel
EPS dil
Crescimento EPS dil.
12M Ano a Ano
Div. yield %
Classificação dos Analistas
NTPCNTPC LTD3.507 T INR361.75 INR−0.21%30.924 M1.7217.9820.11 INR+13.27%2.07%
Tendência de Alta
ADANIGREENADANI GREEN ENERGY2.985 T INR1884.05 INR−1.23%393.681 K0.61204.699.20 INR+146.58%0.00%
Tendência Neutra
POWERGRIDPOWER GRID CORP2.56 T INR275.25 INR−2.58%17.732 M1.2416.2816.91 INR+3.11%3.34%
Tendência Neutra
ADANIPOWERADANI POWER LTD2.296 T INR595.20 INR−3.67%3 M0.619.8460.50 INR+130.35%0.00%
Alta forte
TATAPOWERTATA POWER CO LTD1.397 T INR436.95 INR+1.16%25.431 M1.6539.0311.19 INR+16.88%0.46%
Tendência Neutra
GAILGAIL INDIA LTD1.323 T INR201.10 INR−0.54%30.18 M1.2316.4012.27 INR−3.49%2.73%
Tendência de Alta
ADANIENSOLADANI ENERGY SOLUTION LTD1.194 T INR1068.90 INR+0.44%1.284 M0.71102.3210.45 INR+5.96%0.00%
Alta forte
JSWENERGYJSW ENERGY LTD1.076 T INR616.45 INR+0.06%3.756 M0.6161.6610.00 INR−20.49%0.32%
Tendência Neutra
ATGLADANI TOTAL GAS LTD1.043 T INR948.05 INR−1.38%755.787 K0.30174.525.43 INR+12.80%0.03%
Alta forte
NHPCNHPC LTD926.253 B INR92.25 INR−0.65%48.418 M0.6724.933.70 INR+0.10%2.01%
Tendência Neutra
TORNTPOWERTORRENT POWER760.84 B INR1581.00 INR+0.66%703.44 K0.2741.0338.54 INR+56.91%1.01%
Tendência de Baixa
SJVNSJVN LTD514.017 B INR130.85 INR−1.17%18.246 M0.5659.272.21 INR−35.71%1.35%
Tendência de Baixa
PETRONETPETRONET LNG458.25 B INR305.45 INR+0.98%18.908 M2.4013.0723.38 INR+0.25%3.27%
Tendência Neutra
GUJGASLTDGUJARAT GAS LTD386.084 B INR560.55 INR−0.89%626.146 K0.4634.9616.03 INR−31.11%1.19%
Tendência Neutra
NLCINDIANLC INDIA LTD326.137 B INR235.20 INR−2.31%5.983 M0.7312.6918.53 INR+187.40%1.49%
Tendência Neutra
IGLINDRAPRASTHA GAS324.1 B INR463.10 INR−2.92%2.551 M0.7016.6327.84 INR+16.48%0.86%
Tendência de Alta
GSPLGUJARAT STATE PETR212.285 B INR376.80 INR−2.91%889.42 K0.5513.6527.61 INR−8.61%1.33%
Tendência de Alta
SWANENERGYSWAN ENERGY LTD204.139 B INR651.35 INR−1.89%1.704 M1.1060.8210.71 INR0.02%
CESCCESC186.972 B INR141.10 INR−0.88%5.769 M0.6613.2710.63 INR+5.62%3.19%
Tendência de Alta
MGLMAHANAGAR GAS LTD141.148 B INR1428.70 INR−1.89%187.193 K0.4210.92130.89 INR+97.98%1.96%
Tendência de Alta
JPPOWERJAIPRAKASH POWER123.088 B INR18.05 INR+0.56%24.388 M1.0053.750.34 INR0.00%
KPIGREENKPI GREEN ENERGY LTD106.99 B INR1775.45 INR+2.21%620.447 K1.7264.4127.56 INR+70.32%0.03%
Alta forte
RPOWERRELIANCE POWER104.465 B INR27.35 INR−3.53%57.178 M1.89−3.55 INR+4.09%0.00%
PPGINVITPOWERGRID INFRA. INVITS88.943 B INR97.75 INR−0.44%1.03 M0.4011.838.26 INR9.21%
RELINFRARELIANCE INFRASTRU78.266 B INR197.75 INR−13.12%42.171 M6.78−118.08 INR−231.50%0.00%
NAVANAVA LTD77.822 B INR496.95 INR−2.14%260.03 K0.897.3367.83 INR+3.21%1.21%
IIWELINOX WIND ENERGY LTD71.224 B INR5895.20 INR+0.91%5.852 K1.20−139.82 INR+62.94%0.00%
PTCPTC INDIA LTD58.728 B INR199.70 INR−0.15%2.34 M1.5411.6517.14 INR+6.25%3.93%
Tendência Neutra
RTNPOWERRATTANINDIA POWER47.525 B INR8.80 INR0.00%7.237 M0.57−4.19 INR−32.71%0.00%
INOXGREENINOX GREEN ENERGY SER LTD43.028 B INR145.90 INR−4.86%1.073 M1.31676.720.22 INR0.00%
GIPCLGUJARAT IND POWER28.019 B INR185.05 INR−2.14%421.427 K0.9014.1813.05 INR+10.77%2.02%
GREENPOWERORIENT GREEN POWER20.723 B INR21.10 INR−1.40%1.851 M0.5637.580.56 INR+139.14%0.00%
JYOTISTRUCJYOTI STRUCTURES19.031 B INR22.75 INR−3.60%1.82 M0.9280.760.28 INR0.00%
DPSCLTDDPSC LTD16.7 B INR17.15 INR−1.44%481.636 K0.46104.700.16 INR−16.04%0.29%
TEXINFRATEXMACO INFRA & HO12.627 B INR99.30 INR−1.39%383.061 K0.99423.450.23 INR+5.63%0.15%
INDOWINDINDOWIND ENERGY2.455 B INR22.80 INR−2.98%162.914 K0.82−2.15 INR−551.25%0.00%
EENERGYDEVENERGY DEV CO LTD1.13 B INR23.80 INR−2.66%158.448 K0.43−0.72 INR−142.82%0.00%
KKARMAENGKARMA ENERGY LTD739.548 M INR66.30 INR+2.00%3530.1312.525.30 INR0.00%
BBAJELBAJEL PROJECTS LTD221.50 INR+0.66%711.54 K1.16