NANO and where are we now?

Hello fellas!

Nano has changed their name - again? - to XNO. Actually, the name stays the same, but the tag has changed from $nano to $XNO.

The reason behind this change is that NANO wants to adapt to the system that already exists to sneak right into the financial system immediately.

That is why they changed to fit the international ISO naming convention.

However, it is taking longer than expected for this tag to show on exchanges, so we are still to see the impact of this name change.

In this graph, there are two purple zones that I believe are somewhat related. There is no reason for the graph to repeat the past, so this is really just an idea.

I hope you all are super well!

Thanks for reading.
Comentário: It hit the target earlier than I expected. This may mean that the market is anxious for the next big movement because we are reaching extreme prices in ticks.

What I mean is that as soon as it becomes obvious for most of the market that the price is going to hit a certain price we see a few sales made in these prices. This is always happening, but this market seems too self-conscious if it makes sense. Oh well, let's see what happens.
Comentário: It is almost hitting that 0.75 diagonal, and when It does we will go boom
Comentário: Well, I guess we are at the beginning of the next phase, which should mean that we may go on an up-trend. We will see.

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