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Short Video Conclusion On EUR's Retracement

Video Content:
Dear Viewers, it was one of my first EURUSD video analytics. On TradingView, you can see a verified timestamp of 01 December. You might also remember the original video when I shared the signal.

I'm happy to announce the idea completed its Target Price. Your profit is the difference between these two levels. It's about two and seven percent. With a $100k investment, the trade returned $2700. The price has been consistently following the expected trajectory. So, we can't talk about about any significant drawdown.

I thank you for your attention, and congratulations if you share a similarly profitable vision.

Market Devlelopment:

I still have a bearish vision on EURUSD. I expect yield seeking on USD can pressure the EUR price as down as $1.067. I believe that trendlines in the video are still valid. I wouldn't open a short here, but I'll keep the short I already have extended with a trail profit, which was my stop loss I moved down as the price smoothly followed the expected trajectory. I consider it as a take profit because the trail profit will close the position any moment. However, I can't tell the exact price yet because the bearish outlook persists. It's either +2.7% or more.

Beyond Video:

It is not an investment advice. Do your research. Do not trade if you do not understand.

- Ely
I'm scalping long to the upper blue trendline. It'll function as a resistance, and depending on rejection or breakout, I'll open additional positions.

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