Are we on the verge of a US Bond market drop?

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My name is François Normandeau
Here is an ADX-BRIEFING related to the 10-Year US Treasury Notes.

Currently, on the daily charts,
all the indicators we are using are mentioning that the US Dollar Index
is currently in a confirmed downtrend.

Historically, there is a strong positive correlation between the US Dollar Index and the US Treasury Notes.

if DXY drops, ZN1! drops... if DXY rises, ZN1! rises... relatively speaking and all things being equal

If anyone is currently keeping a major long position related to the US Bond market,
then this correlation is worth considering.

More details about this post, as well as a video analysis, later today, on our site.

Wishing you a great week,

François Normandeau
Institutional Research Director at ADX-BRIEFING