Long signal for profit by CRV

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Forecast for a long CRV position for a good profit
Entry into the position at the level 0.63 -0.59. This can bring you great profit. I place a limit order. I set up the chart and indicators. I follow the movement of the crypto market and will publish further instructions as exchange prices for cryptocurrencies change.
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CRV Update: Based on my own meticulous mathematical analysis and in line with my forecast from March 10th, the CRV coin has effectively completed its corrective phase. It has shown remarkable resilience by firmly surpassing the 0.63 level and is currently poised for further growth. Stay tuned as I closely monitor the closing level of this long position. Remember, trading cryptocurrencies involves risks, but with careful analysis, we can strive for profitable outcomes. Stay informed and stay ahead!
Trade ativo
Trade ativo

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