Another Leg Down

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Try to publish this, but somehow put in private. But goes now, with the UPDATE included.
After the Run up to 74k, Bitcoin starts a descending channel, with lower highs and lower lows.
The price already touch 3-4 times each side
IF breaks the actual area of resistance (around 63...k) to the upside, the resistance stays around 66k
IF starts a movement to the south, the price target is the base of the channel, around 55k
Considering that my view for the S&P 500, is to the downside, I have to consider that the most likelys cenario is BTC testing the base of the channel --- 55k

STILL, if it brakes this area it´s going to resistance (top of the channel)

That´s my view... what´s your´s?

After the first Leg down, the players are a little complacent. Forming a FLAG. So the odds favour another leg down
Support at around 60,3k (green line)
Do or die.
Retest of last suport, that now became a resistence.
If breaks 63,5 on close with confirmation will go to 70k
If fails to brake 63500, it'll roll and go to tha base of the channel
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