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Why is it so difficult to Trade BTC? What is next? 8% up last

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin/Dólar Americano
Hello followers,

There was a big drop on BTC , but volume started to pick up, and market decided that it was ready to go Long.

It is always very dangerous and difficult to trade on Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin , but there are signs of changes, and on good thing to look is the market flow.

On Aug. 11 we posted a go long chart, to subscribers, because we could se a big move up on BTC , and so far, they are on 8% profit.

Now, market could make a great move up, but we have to monitor what is going to happen in between.

There are some factors that could happen that could take price down hard. So, what's next?

Be careful next days, and be careful.

Good Luck and Good profit.

The big drop is on the way
From the next week, the all market will be down and losses will continue
The bad news is on the way
The first goal is 5200 and the second goal is 4500
All altcoins will fall sharply
drop and drop
Can BTC hold at the golden pocket?

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Where have you been? Your timely analysis is missed within the TV community...
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What is this? I'm disappointed.
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This is how I would trade BTC:
TomPower aamonkey
@aamonkey, ok we're waiting for that wave 1 cause if it breaks that major support its going lower
aamonkey TomPower
@TomPower, Yes if we break through that we will go LOW.
Nothing specific my friend, such general news we can deduct by ourselves I guess. Cheers
Stop these promotional posts pls, it’s against Tv. It’s not even an idea
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