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Shorting AUDJPY - Daily chart

FX:AUDJPY   Dólar Australiano/Iene Japonês
Guys, I am shorting AUDJPY @ 78.091, stop order @ 79.472 and target @ 74.602. It's in a major down trend in the daily chart . The highest momentum might occur after breaking down 77.000. Also, the deacceleration of the Chinese economy might impact the AUD as Australia is one of the main commodity based countries to trade with them.

Checking the Shanghai Composite Index (SSEC), it broke down 3,177 and now has a free way to the 3,000 barrier.

In 2018, the SSEC felt 25% due to trade war and a strong scepticism about the Chinese growth. What can, maybe, give a breath to the SSEC is a trade agreement with the USA. The investors are looking not just for the agreement, but for the details of the agreement as well as the mechanism of it's compliance.


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