Premier Stochastic Oscillator (PSO) [andre_007]

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This is a improved version of Premier Stochastic Oscillator ( PSO ), coded by "LazyBear".

"The indicator was first introduced by technical analyst Lee Leibfarth in the August 2008 issue of the journal Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities".


  • The script was update to version 4 of PineScript.
  • Added support for diferents times frames.
  • For example, now it's possible to stay in intraday and at same time see a weekly version of this indicator.
  • Possibility to customize the thresholds.

Introduction to indicator:

"Stochastic oscillators have long been used to help traders and investors identify areas where trend changes are likely.
Leibfarth developed the PSO to take advantage of a standard stochastic oscillator's strengths while enhancing it to become more reactive to market activity.
The result is a faster indicator that provides earlier signals for potential trend changes".

More info:
Notas de Lançamento: New version with some corrections and improvements.

  • Added legends to lines
  • Added overbought and oversold colored zones
  • Changed default colors for easier viewing
Notas de Lançamento: I've implemented some fine tuning for visibility.
When the indicator is in the 'overbought' or 'oversold' areas, the color will be highlighted.

Furthermore, I think I owed the more detailed description of how to use this indicator.
Then move on.

What to look for:

According to Lee Leibfarth's paper:
" the PSO is best suited for trading changes in market direction (countertrend trading)

The thresholds are defined by horizontal lines at +/-0.20 and +/-0.90.
These thresholds create two symmetric buy and sell areas with the following rules:

  • Long trades: (1) Premier stochastic crosses below 0.90, (2) premier stochastic crosses below 0.20
  • Short trades: (1) Premier stochastic crosses above -0.90, (2) premier stochastic crosses above -0.20~

However, we can adapt this indicator to our own trading system, and nothing prevents us from using a trend movement, instead of counter-trend mentioned by the author.
It is noteworthy that the probability of winning increases if we use this indicator in conjunction with other tools, such as using a longer timeframe in parallel along with a price-action analysis.

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