Magic Predictor Alerts

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Alerts, for Magic Predictor. You don't need the other one if you use this one.
Notas de Lançamento: Improved accuracy
Notas de Lançamento: I will place this script for free for a small amount of time. It will be monthly payed soon. Use from 4h down. Best are 2h,4h,1h,30min... in order from best to worst. You need to wait for the candle of the signal to CLOSE so it confirms it.
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Sir can u Please make this work on stocks for 4hr please sir
I really really wish that this worked on stocks but it doesn’t
Thanks and "Range Filter buy and sell 5m" is similar and great too with settings.
oooh really impressive. Incredible accurate, almost 100% strike rate... THe signals just desappear sometimes, but once the signal keeps in the chart he is always good
rtugui FLeite28
@FLeite28, Im glad its useful :). PT?
@rtugui, BR, in the beginning i was struggling to understand why they desappear because i was trying to do some backtests but when i saw a signal desappear i was thinking in how i could use those signals... I will keep studying to see if i can find a way with this version you provide to us untill you close the permissions. But thanks for the tool you are providing to us. :)
Hi, I think this is great. I do have one question. I set an alert in the 2 hour time frame and the alter triggered; however, when I look on the 2 hour time frame it doesn't say 'buy'. I think this may have something to do with repainting (I'm new to this term). Why would this be? Thanks in advance for your support.
rtugui ollywalker1
@ollywalker1, because the indicator needs the daily candle to close for confirmation
Hey guys! This script repaints. Use it at 2h for best results. Once the daily closes refresh, if the signal maintains and the price didn't move a lot up or down, or no opposite signal on the current candle, then its a true signal.
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Thank you for sharing. It's very Interesting and useful.
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