Ultimate Algorithm Builder (Single Trend)

Hello traders

This is a fantastic tool to detect convergence between the following indicators :

  • Overlay - meaning if the price close above/below the SMA 50
  • Trend Signal - to detect if the the DOW law is broken and predict a possible reversal - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dow_theory
    In other words, it detects if the higher highs or lower lows sequence is broken
  • MACD or MACD Zero Lag
  • MM Cross - Cross of moving averages
  • Ichimoku - if the price closes below/above the cloud
  • Supertrend - used to detect polarity zones
  • TSI Shadow - propieraty indicator - URL : tradingview.com/script/0lBK9IBY-TSI-Shadow/

It's ultra flexible as you check which indicator you need in your own strategy. That's why I called it the Ultimate Algorithm Builder

Jul 12
Notas de Lançamento: I've been asked to ad the pullback. What community asks, community gets for FREE :)
Pullback added in the parameters. Sometimes after a signal, you might want to get a pullback on a specific Moving Average to :
- reduce your loss in case you'll be invalidated
- increase your gain as you'll get a better entry
Of course this feature is optional but still a nice to have in your trading toolkit

If you want me to add any sub-indicator in this one or if you have any question, please ask in the comments section
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Hi Dave can I have the access pl?
Good afternoon,

New trader, and looking to understand trends better.

Possible to get access to your script bruh?
Daveatt RonPon2
@RonPon2, Hi there, trial will resume in a few weeks via our website, will update when it will be ready :)
Can I get authorization?
Daveatt traderkskli
Hi @traderkskli, trials will resume in a few weeks via our website, will update when it will be ready :)
Can i get permission?
Daveatt Kenemas
@Kenemas, Absolutely, sure :) Hope you'll like it
I gave you access to that free one but as you don't have a PRO account, I would advice getting that one instead as it will display the subsequent indicators also
Kenemas Daveatt
@Daveatt, I will take it.
+1 Resposta
Hi, your script looks very good. Can I get permission to use?
Best wishes for success.
Daveatt Marwins
@Marwins, Thanks Marwins for the good words. It's always nice to hear
I gave you access
+1 Resposta
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