Heat Zone Relative Volatility Index 2.0

v2 of Heat Zone RVI

• Updated aesthetics and added various alerts.
• The use of temperature descriptions with these Heat Zone scripts is more so metaphoric of the interpretations from what the RVI attempts to indicate primarily.

--- Due to the additions of the Overheated and Freezing Zones, the indicator-pane scaling is a little different from the original Heat Zone RVI.


--- If you like the scaling the way it was on v1, you can change it back by going into the settings, opening up the style page, and unchecking/turning off the Overheated Top Line as well as the Freezing Bottom Line. Otherwise, you can leave the settings be in regards to this matter.


Disclaimer: I am by no means a highly skilled or professional coder/programmer. I just enjoy dabbling and tinkering every now and again.

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