Range Filter Buy and Sell 5min

Original Version credits to DonovanWall

Actual Version i just set alerts and change the parameters for BTCUSDC 5min Chart.


Wait For Barclose

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Backtested with 0.08% fees, this strategy loses money.
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bobbytheblob capriole_charles
@capriole_charles, yep, trading the 5min chart on BTC is way too expensive to be worth it. 0.15% round trip fee on most futures exchange will just kill you right there.
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BHCap bobbytheblob
@bobbytheblob, Try using it on the 15mins and closing as RSI closes in OB or OS
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JCCarl capriole_charles
@capriole_charles, not if you set a risk to reward ratio. And go up to. Higher time frame with this script. It's amazing
Hello sir.
Can we use this also in 1Day timeframe? It is also accurate?

best regards
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guikroth gjob83
@gjob83, yes, it works the same way
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JCCarl gjob83
@gjob83, I'm looking to see when the buy it sell signal could possibly show next week on 1D. Maybe 00:00 utc. Then trade at a lower spread a couple hours later. I should hope
Hello sir, I am very much impressed by your range filter, I know the market structure as range trend and range, I couldnot make out how exactly to use this, as i am unable to get the thing you have coded as i am simple biological graduate. can you please explain the concept behind your filter and how to use it.
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Used with a little common sense this is a REALLY good free indicator. Thanks!
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guikroth HugCapital
@HugCapital, Thank You
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