Higher High Lower Low Strategy (With Source Code)

This script finds pivot highs and pivot lows then calculates higher highs & lower lows. And also it calculates support/resistance by using HH-HL-LL-LH points.

Generally HH and HL shows up-trend, LL and LH shows down-trend.

If price breaks resistance levels it means the trend is up or if price breaks support level it means the trend is down, so the script changes bar color blue or black. if there is up-trend then bar color is blue, or if down-trend then bar color is black. also as you can see support and resistance levels change dynamically.

If you use smaller numbers for left/right bars then it will be more sensitive.

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source code of :
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can you pls make a video of its explanation??
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wandafaye2112 palrakesh
@palrakesh, so sorry but if you need a video explanation of how to use this i recommend not trading :)
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What is the meaning of "Left bar", "middle bar" and "right bar" in the input section?
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LonesomeTheBlue BillionaireLau
@BillionaireLau, they are both is required number to find Pvot Point. because it needs to check both side (left and right side) of candles to make sure if it's Pivot Point or not.
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Hi, really good script. I tested it for a while now. I want to use it for scalping, but the thing i am bumping in to is the 2 candle delay in calculating. After 2 candles it will give alerts, labels HH etc. I am aware the scripts needs data to calculate, but is there an option to tighten it? Is that what you mean by "If you use smaller numbers for left/right bars then it will be more sensitive."?
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LonesomeTheBlue Bobby-GeoTrader
@Bobby-GeoTrader, yes thats true
SRams71 LonesomeTheBlue
@LonesomeTheBlue, I think this in combination with overbought oversold condition will help in timing the enty
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midpoint75 Bobby-GeoTrader
@Bobby-GeoTrader, Using it with N4 and N7 bars will make it more profitable.
how do u set alerts for high and low? i really like it
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