Ichimoku style indicator with buy/sell strategy

Advantages: Can be seen on many chart times

Limitations: Will adjust to live market price

TradingView account needed: free

How to gain access to this script:

Watch a replay of Cloud Strategy on Youtube:


Cloud Strategy automatically derives signals from live & historical data to shows a directional signal on the chart. An Ichi Moku style cloud enhances the signal for trend trades.

These Cloud Straegy is derived from a combination of live and historical data which allows the code to have increased stabily and reduce the amount of repaint.

By visually laying out the signal on the chart Cloud Strategy allows complex Trend levels and also Support & Resistance levels to be identified and used correctly.

Cloud Strategy can be used alone for long/short signals or used as a visual aid to assist in identifying levels and trends on the chart.

This alert will clearly highlight possible Trends and also Support & Resistance levels based on the daily timeframe and the chart being viewed.

Cloud Strategy allows easy determination of levels & trend direction than can assist in identifying trade entry, profit, target or reversal levels for chartists.

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