Darvas Box Buy Sell

Darvas Box Buy Sell
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Nice work. MFI script perfect. Awesome. Thank you.
ceyhun Wallycool49
@Wallycool49, thanks.
hey I want use MFI to get buy or sell signal when over brought or over sell i dont know how to create script for the or even it is possible please help me out
ceyhun alis999
@alis999, no strategy,buy and sell signals

study(title="Money Flow", shorttitle="MFI", format=format.price, precision=2)
length = input(title="Length", type=input.integer, defval=14, minval=1, maxval=2000)
src = hlc3
upper = sum(volume * (change(src) <= 0 ? 0 : src), length)
lower = sum(volume * (change(src) >= 0 ? 0 : src), length)
mf = rsi(upper, lower)
plot(mf, color=#459915)
overbought=hline(80, title="Overbought", color=#c0c0c0)
oversold=hline(20, title="Oversold", color=#c0c0c0)
fill(overbought, oversold, color=#9915ff, transp=90)

buy= crossover(mf,20)
sell= crossunder(mf,80)

plotshape(buy, color=color.blue,title="Buy",text="Buy",style=shape.arrowup,location=location.belowbar)

bgcolor(crossover(mf,20) ? color.blue : crossunder(mf,80) ? color.red : na, 90, offset=0)
Does this repaint after every time I re-Fresh the chart? Or does it print and stay printed without moving?
Great Work ,
Thanks for your Support and Assistance
ceyhun ZAQDA
@ZAQDA, thank you too
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