APEX - Swing Aura Strategy

A backtester of my new strat, it's a hybrid swing/scalp strat that really looks for quick low profits. Will keep it hidden as it's a bit of a work in progress right now. Working on it to perform well enough with the Apex Trading bot, ran it for a day now and it ended the day on a 1.78% portfolio profit, so I'm really pleased with that.

As for details it's based on Keltner Channels , Bolingers Bands and a Ichimoku cloud . To spice it up there's even a Wave trend in there as well!

All the settings for the bits and parts are changeable so feel free to mess around with them, but will keep my sell triggers fixed for now, so no editing of those from within the script unfortunately.

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Good work mate prod of how far you went :)
Aurori puppytherapy
@puppytherapy, all thanks to you :D. It's awesome to have a sensei to ask in times of need
@Aurori, Thanks for the kind words but this is all you. Have a look at adding a Higher timeframe Volatility :)
nice work :)
Aurori dilace
Thanks @dilace, I'd still like to work out a way to get some better exits. THat's what really holds me down atm
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