[KD]ICHIMOKU Cloud MTF (Dual-Mode)

Multiple Time Frame Version of Ichimoku Kinko Hyo (Ichimoku Cloud) Indicator.

  • This indicator supports only one Time frame.
  • Mainly intended for use as Support and Resistance .
  • When Kijunsen and Tenkansen cross, Triangles(▲or▽) are displayed.
  • The Price of each line is displayed on the label.

Note: If you don't load the left chart enough, the Cloud won't be drawn. If some clouds are not displayed, scroll to the left.

"" This indicator has two modes. ""
24-7 Mode:
 Only 24-7 markets(like BTC ) are supported. But, Monthly is Limited Mode.

Limited Mode:
 The right side of the cloud and The Chikouspan are not supported. However, it is compatible with all markets.

"" There are also two modes for specifying Time frames. ""
Specified Timeframe :
 For example,
  • 15min, 30min, 4hour, daily, etc.

Minute Timeframe (1~1440min) :
 Max is 1440(Daily).
 For example,
  • for 6 hour time frame, enter "300".
  • for daily time frame, enter "1440".

I modified KıvanÇ's indicator. Thank you KıvanÇ(@fr3762)!
I couldn't put the URL to the indicator due to TradingView restrictions.
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My new favorite indicator! Awesome job!
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