Mapping 9.1 / 9.2 / 9.3 (v2.1)

Hi, This is my first pine script
It helps to map the first reference candles for the setups 9.1 9.2 and 9.1 from Larry Williams

Many thanks to Mr. Alexandre Fernandes Palex for the many public tutorials and videos about this setups.

You can find his very rich reference in his blog

Now, lets go to the mapping strategy.

1) At first, we test if the ema 9 is up or down
if it is Up the background is painted yellow and you can find the reference candles for the setups
if it is down the background is Gray and you can find the reference candles for the setups

2) Then we compare the close, highs and lows if the candle match some of the setup rules, and if match we plot a sign in the reference candle with the name of respective setup, now you can decide in the next candle if it is eligible for an entry SHORT/LONG position.

Please, few free to comment and tell me any inconsistency and possible upgrades...

Later as soon I’m get used withe pine script I will improve this script with more and more features

Best regards,
Alberto van Drunen

Alberto van Drunen
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