Crypto Market Maker w/ Alerts

Ultimate Trading Tool. Simple af 1.07% 1.07% . Follow signals, chart if you want to confirm.

Takes only trades with proper risk to reward ratio.

At times calls absolute top and bottom.

Can be used on ALTs as well.

Based on Neural Networks.

Can be used on 60m,30m,15m,5m, 3m 0.32% 0.32% 0.32% -0.88% - As this is basically a SCALPER. (use with leverage)

Works best in my experience on 15m.

This is the indicator for alerts, check my profile for the strategy with backtest.

Alerts -> Crypto Market Maker -> Plot -> Long/Short - Once Per Bar Close

This Level of Strategy, will not be free. PM for access - Monthly Subscription.
Notas de Lançamento: clear up things
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Could I get access to this please ?
I would try it before purchase.
Hi, can you check your mp, thanks.
Hi, can i try the script please :) ? thx
Hey, could I try this out?
can i get a trial ?
Could you let me try it.
Everyone - Due to my lack of time - this script will be a lifetime subscription of 0.02 BTC. Thank You. DM if interested!
@sircasm7, can you accept PayPal for fiat payment?
Jul 9
Hi, could i test it? Thanks
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