[Alert] Blue Sky Day Alert

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Now you can add Blue Sky Day Alert in your chart.
The strategy is free for use here ->

Enjoy it.
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The New Blue Sky Day Non-Repainting Version is available here:
Strategy Tester:
Alerts Version:
For more, kindly visit: http://www.BlueSkyDayStrategy.com
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Here's the Non-Repainting Script:
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set 1h timeframe and set resolution 1d.to get better result.
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JTUFENKE bajajct100
@bajajct100, what do you put for the "deep" option?
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This indicator is pointless. Please don't get excited when you backtest. The indicator could have given a long signal for the past 2 hours and all of a sudden will be showing a short signal for the last 2 hours. Garbage, doesn't work. How does it have so many likes??
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bajajct100 spacecowboytrader
@spacecowboytrader, you can set 1h timeframe and set resolution 1d.you will get better result.
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Pro_hacker_trader spacecowboytrader
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Mav8816 Pro_hacker_trader
@Pro_hacker_trader, Your indactor sucks. stop post it everywhere.
scsmith1967 spacecowboytrader
@spacecowboytrader, I see what you mean: it repaints, only looks good long after the fact. Whatever algorithm it uses must go back and forth like a screaming banshee until enough candles close to finish its case==by then, the market has traveled far.
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