TrendMaster Premium

TrendMaster is a complete trend following system with strict entry, exit and trade management criteria. The indicator is optimised for weekly, daily and 4-hour candlesticks and can be used for all trending markets. It was developed primarily for less experienced traders that struggle to determine relevant information from irrelevant information when viewing a candlestick chart. The indicator was built to solve the problem that all new traders face.

Setting Up The Indicator
After purchase, open the TradingView indicator library. Under the Invite-Only Scripts section, you will see TrendMaster. Add it to your chart. Next, you must customise your theme settings to allow TrendMaster to take over control of your candle colours. You can find a complete set-up tutorial on our website.

The Cloud
The indicator includes a moving average cloud which serves as a visual guide to local support and resistance . For a signal candle to print, price must trade above the moving average cloud and above the medium-term trend. By requiring multiple criteria we drastically reduce false entries. When price exits the cloud to the upside it typically trends above and finds support at the cloud during retracements.

Candle Colours
By default, TrendMaster will colour your candles in black and white. White candles indicate an uptrend in an asset and the candles will not change colour until the trend has reversed and a counter-trend signal has been printed. Black candles indicate a downtrend, they will remain black until a counter-trend long signal candle has been printed.

Signal candles
A signal candle is printed when the price of an asset closes above or below the moving average cloud and the medium term trend moving average. By requiring two criteria for a single candle to print we will see a drastic reduction in the number of false signals.

The TrendMaster entry technique further reduces the likelihood of false entries. To enter a trade we do not buy the signal candle immediately. Instead, we treat the signal candle as an indication that a trend change is possible. We want to see confirmation of this trend before making an entry. To enter we place a pending order a few ticks above or below the high or low of the signal candle. By doing this we only enter a trade when the asset has shown a continuation in the direction of the suggested trend change.

Once a trade has been taken we remain in that trade until either we have been stopped out on the break of a Williams fractal or the trend has reversed by printing an opposite to trend signal candle. It is important that we remain with the trend to ensure that we capture the maximum opportunity available.

If you would like to use TrendMaster or any of our other Indicators, please visit my site. Here you can purchase one of our packages which include indicators, market scanner bots and a large Discord community. You will also find educational content and how to guides for our indicators.

Our Story
Founded in 2018 by IchimokuScholar and C00kie, TrendMaster is a team that produces technical analysis indicators with an emphasis on simplicity and noise reduction. We support a large community with educational content, automated market scanners and mentoring in our private chat rooms. We produce technical analysis indicators geared primarily towards the emerging Cryptocurrency asset class. We provide educational material to assist trader development and host a large online trend following community. All of our products are designed to help traders distinguish relevant information from background noise. Our indicators encourage disciplined trade management to maximise the opportunity captured while minimising losses.

IchimokuScholar – In 2017 I retired from a career in higher education to focus on Trading. I like to trade long term trends, focusing primarily on continuation setups. I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge of trading and take great pleasure in simplifying technical analysis for newer traders.

I started trading crypto in 2017 and immediately started coding a bunch of tools to improve my quality of life. Some definitely worked out better than others. Like to trade the higher timeframes and drawing horizontal lines on charts. I am also pretty much obligated to like cookies.
Jun 27
Notas de Lançamento: Added position size bubbles to assist users determining entry risk.
Jun 27
Notas de Lançamento: Change Chart image
Jun 27
Notas de Lançamento: Changed Chart (again!)
Jun 27
Notas de Lançamento: Bug fix for position size calculation
Jun 29
Notas de Lançamento: Minor big fixes
Aug 02
Notas de Lançamento: - Switched the "bubble" position so that uptrend bubbles are below candle and downtrend bubbles are above.
- Added additional coloring options for "start of trend" vs. "trend continuation" candles.
Dec 17
Notas de Lançamento:
  • Ability to select what type of position sizing to show (short, long, both, only last etc.)
  • Added compact and full mode for position sizing boxes
  • Renamed and reworked some of the existing settings
  • Standardized color usage
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Hello, I had access to premium before, haven't looked at it for a while. Recently I added this indicator it says not auth. Could you check on it?
@kikipp, same with me cant access now :(
@kikipp, @jordan_pk it was republished. You should be authorised... if not contact via discord. Thanks.
jordan_pk TrendMasterPremium
@TrendMasterPremium, thanks i can access now.
+1 Resposta
hello, is it possible to try you script TrendMasterPremium

@jeff0045, We've made a trial version of this script available. This has less features than the paid version, but should give you an idea of how it works.
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