Profitability Meter for Day Trading PRO [GO8686]

For day traders, keeping a position is risky and costly, a popular strategy is to open a position ONLY when volatility is active, in other words, only when profitability is back.
This indicator reveals the movements of the underlying profitability of a trading security in different time dimensions.
This indicator calculates and displays price change percentage of MACD cycles, highlights those MACD cycles that are over the profitability threshold, helping traders identify range area, the start of a new trend and the fading of a trend.
Multiple time frames: This indicator is designed for day trading, so suggested time frames are: 3m , 5m, 15m, 30m, 1H. Users can try other time frames (< 1D) if it fits their trading practice.
Range area in general: a small green column and a small red column appear alternately, or most columns are gray within the period.
The start of a new trend: an outstanding green or red column means the macd cross brought a price change that was higher than the profitability threshold, which could mean a new trend, especially when it was from a range area.
The fading of a trend: for instance, when green columns are getting smaller and red columns appear, a fading of bull trend could be on the way.

This is PRO version of Profitability Meter for Day Trading
PRO excluded functions:
Alert Function: allowing user to set alert for price change with Profitability, or set alert for statistics results.
Statistics within Customisable Time Span: Percentage of MACD cycles with profitability, the average of price change(%) and MACD cycles count. Users can customize the time range by days,hours or bars (up to the maximum backtracking value that Tradingview allows).
Subscribers of this indicator may apply for two-month free-trial of "Crypto Currency Profitability Rankings PRO with Customisable List"

Free trial of two-week: Please leave a comment asking for a trial, you should get access in 48 hours. In case it doesn't happen, please message the author.

Format Configuration:
Profitability Threshold: a percentage of price movement within a MACD cycle that a user thinks is good to define profitability, defval: 0.8%.
Alertthreshold: Threshold percentage for alert.
timeSpan: Time span for statistics
timeSpanType: Time span type for statistics

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Crypto Currency Profitability Rankings PRO with Customisable List (Invite-Only): Contact the author for a free trial.

List of the author's Indicators

Disclaim: By using or requesting access to this indicator, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted that this indicator is for study purposes only and it does NOT guarantee you will make money.
I am not financial advisor and I am NOT responsible for any profits or losses you may incur by using this indicator!
Users should make their own decisions, carefully assess risks and be responsible for investment and trading activities.

The latest updates override the previous description. Please check the updates.


本指标用户可以申请免费试用两个月“Crypto Currency Profitability Rankings PRO with Customisable List (Invite Only)”

多时间维度:本指标为日内交易设计,因此建议使用时间维度:3m,5m,15m,30m,1H; 如果用户需要,也可以用于其他不大于1D的维度。
盘整区的一般特征:当波动率消减时,波动率低于可赢利门槛,呈现灰色; 或者小的绿色和红色波动率间隔出现。

免费试用两周:跟帖评论, 要求试用,您应该会在48小时内获得访问权限。 如果没有获得,请私信作者。

Crypto Currency Profitability Rankings Standard with popular list (Protected) 加密货币赢利潜力排行指标 标准版 热门列表: 指标计算和比对一组热门虚拟货币的可赢利属性 - 基于MACD波动周期和用户自定义的时间周期,帮助交易员发掘最适合自己赢利和风险偏好的交易品种。
Crypto Currency Profitability Rankings PRO with Customisable List (Invite-Only): 加密货币赢利潜力排行指标 PRO 自定义列表


免责声明:在要求获得本指标使用权之前以及在使用本指标之前,用户认可已经完全了解和接受:本指标仅供教育和研究目的, 它不提供任何赢利的可能性。

最新更新会覆盖之前的说明。 请检查更新。
Notas de Lançamento: Add option to select Close or Open as start point to calculate the price movement.
Notas de Lançamento: Update capability enabled
Notas de Lançamento: Update logic adjusted.
Notas de Lançamento: Fixed Minor debug
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Looking at the chart above, seems you do the opposite Long/Short the color of the signal Red/Green?
go8686 TylerDurden08
Thank you.
When MACD crosses up, a falling period ends, so a the percentage of the fall is calculated and plot as a red column.
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