123 Trend Continuation Pattern

This simple indicator will help identify the 123 Patterns on the charts. It's build based on the zigzag indicator , which will work as a guideline to identify the 3 points. As soon as the price crosses the third point, the indicator will draw 3 lines: entry, take profit, and stop loss. Those lines will work as a reference and may help with other indicators. This kind of analysis will work on any time frame and symbol, but those markets that have high volatility may have better result
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Hi, how do you fix it in a way that it wouldn't draw the entry with the first leg?It does it at times, which is incorrect.
ThiagoSchmitz OutsourcE
@OutsourcE, can you tell me the market and price date where this happens?
OutsourcE ThiagoSchmitz
@ThiagoSchmitz, eurusd,4H, June 22,for e.g.No point 3 ,just 1-2 and breaking for a long.It happens on different instruments every now and then too.
Sorry to say but at most of the places its showing wrong buy n sell symbols. .. I have tried in trend market too.. for Indian markets.
ThiagoSchmitz shreeservices
@shreeservices, it is not mean to be an indicator to follow blindly. It's a support indicator, maybe as an entry indicator or confirmation, but not a full algorythm for trading
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