Linear Regression Channel [jwammo12]

This is a non-repaint version of the built-in linear regression indicator in pine. It creates moving bands where the current bar matches the built-in Linear Regression indicator exactly (see screenshot). The key to replicating the built-in function is calculating the std deviation across the length of bars away from the current Linear Regression line, as opposed to the linear regression line that would have been calculated at the historic bar.

Mar 30
Notas de Lançamento: update to version 3
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Software Engineer and FX, Options, Crypto Trader. Previously worked at large options market maker. If you like my scripts and would like to donate:
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How do you use this? ANy simple guide?
Thank you for sharing this
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jwammo12 LucemAnb
@LucemAnb, you are welcome!
HI, could you plz post the code to plot lines exactly the original one?
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Oh my god I have been looking for this for ages, writing in the forum, contacting TV support... all with no luck.
I'm so grateful for you posting it, THANK YOU!
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jwammo12 peterlondon
@peterlondon, you are welcome!
Very simple and effective, good work my friend
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