Aulus - Smoothing Profit Curve on Bitcoin Trading

Aulus is our new strategy made with the idea of smoothing profit curve. With leverage trading some strategies can leave you with heavy drawdowns, and even if final profit looks good, this drawdown periods can be exhausting. So in our research we've focused on maximum profits, minimum possible drawdowns and most importantly, profit curve smoothing.

Same as our latest strategy Aurelius, Aulus has more helpers for real trading, such as:

— Getting onboard on pullbacks and

— Take profits on heavy overbought/oversold spots

And as always:

— No repainting

— No “security” function, so this strategy fully works on given timeframe

— No waiting for bigger candle close

------- Modelling high-leverage trading in detail -------

High-leverage trading

High leverage was in mind when we were designing this strategy. In short, if we use real margin of 1.5% on Bitmex that equals real leverage of 67. Real leverage means that is no subsidy payment for the Bitmex insurance fund of exchange. Putting it simple, our stop loss is 1.5% below entry price for longs. That gives us an opportunity to trade position size that is about x3 of our initial capital when actually risking 5% percent of equity. We can also fine-tune our risk appetite, so risking 2% of equity with 1.5% stop loss gives us about x1.2 on our initial capital, and risking 2% of equity with 3% stop loss gives us tradable position of 60% of our capital. Credits for this system going to Antiliqudation tool.


We're trying to make backtest modes as realistic as we can, so there is leverage modelling:

— Initial capital: 9 822 USD. That means we put the price of 1 BTC in the beginning of testing.

— Fixed order size of 2.6 BTC per position. That means we're using 4% of equity per trade.

— We have more than 1000 orders. It is hard to monitor them 24/7 so automation is good thing to use.


— Commission of 0 is real in implementation, as some exchanges pays you -0.025% (negative) market maker commission. Automated order execution is necessary for zero commission, and a special type of order that tries to enter a position with a limit order that is constantly adjusted to be at the front of the order book is needed. So automation tools calls it “aggressive” order. Please look for ways of automation listed on Pine Coders site.

— Slippage can be set in “aggressive” orders, here in backtests default is zero.

There are lot more details about algotrading and leverage nuances, feel free to contact and ask for anything.

Use the link under backtesting results block to obtain access to this strategy!
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