MARKET BOSS Study & Strategy | No repaint!

MARKET BOSS Study & Strategy | No repaint!

This is a high scalping strategy that works on any time frame.
It uses a trend following functionality to capture profit and minimize risks.

The squares above and below shows you the strength of the trend. A Bright green square shows a strong bullish movement while a bright red shows a strong bearish movement
There are 2 moving averages of the same shaded color as the squares that offer support and resistance to the market as it moves. they can be also used as trend flags of the strategy.
When the market is above the moving averages, The squares are oftenly bright green, If they change color, it shows a possible support zone or a reversal.
When the market is below the moving averages, they offer the resistance or a possible bullish trend start point.

You can use the indicator for longterm based entries if you are on a higher timeframe.

To get the best results, ensure to add commissions in your trades to cover for the broker spread and broker commissions
You can set Stop loss, take profit, trailing triggers and trailing offset on the strategy to maximize your profit

Bull Alert : Provides the buy signal
Bear Alert : Provides the sell signal

It finds Pivot Points and creates channels for each Pivot Point . Channel size is calculated by (Highest - Lowest) * %Channel_size in Loopback Period. After creating channels it calculates that how many Pivot Points in the channels. more Pivot Points in channel means stronger Support/Resistance . in the option menu there is S/R Strength, this is the minimum number of Pivot Points that each channel must contain to be S/R. calculation starts from last pivot point and go back for "loopback period" which is 300 by default. so last Pivot Points have more priority. Finally after calculating Support/Resistance it draws lines.

Number of Support/Resistance line is Dynamic and up to 20 lines, that means number of lines changes dynamically. you can see how the script puts Suppport/Resistance lines dynamically by "Replay" button.
Currently the scripts checks up to 40 pivot points in loopback period. it shows up to 20 S/ Rs only for visible area in the chart.

There is option to Show S/R lines as Solid, Dotted or Dashed.
Notas de Lançamento: SR update.
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Hello Trader, You can contact me on my telegram if you need access or you have any question. Ask your Tutorial Guide for use well Market Boss.

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this indicator is just amazing thank you for its creation and sharing
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please give me access