RSI Market Structure

This indicator draws swings on the chart based on the RSI configured within.

The swings are drawn from Overbought to Oversold or vice-versa.

From Overbought to Oversold, a line is drawn from the highest price before oversold to the lowest price of the oversold.

The labels can be deactivated from the style menu, it was easier for me to implement this way (It's my first indicator)
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This is the link to Version 2
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Good Indicator. But it's Repainting. Have you any idea to non repainted?

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plz add swing up line color as GREEN and swing down line color as ORANGE. it helps to detect the overbought n oversold zones clearly
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Thank You Sir.
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Wow!! this is your first one!? its amazing! Repaint?
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@RLY888, yes, this is my first one, I don't know what repaint means, If you dare to explain maybe I can answer
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RLY888 BalintDavid
@BalintDavid, thanks for your quick reply. For example, its roughly 1:10pm Eastern time, and 1hour candle from 12:00to1:00 is already done, and, say ,if an oversold signal appears there, the signal won't disappear?
@RLY888, the labels on the chart ( red and green ) mark the highest or lowest price of the current candle in the oversold/overbought period. if the current candle or the next candle is lower/higher in price, the label will be moved
@RLY888, try it for yourself, replay some chart data
RLY888 BalintDavid
@BalintDavid, all right, thanks!
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