TUE Algo V2.02 Optimized

This Algo is designed to look at over a dozen variables, automatically adjusting for market conditions, to give you all relevant data to enter and exit trades on ES Futures out of the box with the optimized settings.

Our algo works in any market and will allow user to adjust input settings to be used on any ticker they'd like. It can be used as trend following or contrarian depending on how you set it up.

Get real confirmation

Our buy and sell signals have both Low Probability and High Probability variants, which you can even use in concert with your already developed strategies to help determine if a move is real or not.

Save time with optimization

The indicator includes an "Optimized" setting to get started quickly and save time. This setting was created with the help of numerous backtests using different filters and lengths. This setting will be updated over time to take advantage of new code that we add to the Algo. Set and forget.

It looks at over a dozen variables so you don't have to

It measures the trend, the momentum, the distance it could move, and even volume (using our custom volume indicator for customers). It's simpler to watch one simple buy or sell signal that finds your confluence for you based on proprietary and proven mathematics.

Movement bands help find the extremes

The movement bands included with the indicator help to find extremes in the market. As the price hits the band it indicates it is overextended and the move may not continue. A smart trader could take profit or follow with a trailing stoploss.

Take profit areas

The X that appears on screen in the middle of a move will indicate take profit areas. Frequently these are near the peak or valley of a move and can be turned off.

Trailing Stop Ribbon helps find a proper stopout location

The Trailing Stop Ribbon will show you an area that you can stop out the remainder of your position once you move into profit. It's been adjusted to help allow the maximum amount of profit on the ES 3 Min, but is adjustable for any ticker.

Strategy for the Algo

Our strategy is simple. Included so you can understand how to trade with it.

  • Entry occurs immediately after the candle with the signal finishes.
  • On a long the initial stop out is set 3 points below the low of the previous candle prior to signal that had a lower low. The inverse is true for a short.
  • After 5 points into profit the stop out is set at entry + 2 points to secure the move.
  • With one contract the exit is at the first take profit marker - the X.
  • In the chart shown above, taking all 3 trades, this would capture about 27 points (June 1, 2022)

If you are using this script you acknowledge past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results and there are many more factors that go into being a profitable trader.

This is designed to work in concert with the many indicators in our entire suite. See Author's Instructions below.

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