Momentum Strategy Indicator by Zekis

A very powerful strategy with great results that combine a multitude of indicators like Anchored Momentum, Stochastic Momentum Index , Bollinger Bands , Stochastic RSI , a formation of 3 trend indicators that forms a cloud , combinations of EMAs and a lot of condition to met for entries, TP, SL ....

Statistics for March 2019:
*320 long signals for all Binances coins paired with BTC
*208 (65%) winning trades
*108 (33.75%) losing trades
*4 (1.25%) trades still active
*total profit - 486%
*compound profit - 8750%

Time frame recommended: 4h

Conditions for Long entries:

AMOM in bullish cross/side
SMI in bullisih cross/side
Price above BB middle line
SRSI below 50 and heading upward
3x trend cloud must be green/bullish and the price needs to be above the cloud
Price must to be above EMA 400
EMA 100 must to go in an upward direction
The candle must not exceed 10% in height

(all values are preset)

SL line is calculated based on previous structure low (lowest low) from 10 candles in the past(the value can be changed)
TP line is calculated at 1:1 ratio, so at the same distance like SL is from signal, but mirrored

The background is changing when it enters in bull or bear side
Candles are colored for entries for a better view
Alerts are added for entries, TP and SL
Max candle high can be adjusted, according to the market (lower value for a market with low volatility and vice versa)
TP and SL lines calculation(previous structure low) can be adjusted, according to market conditions

(all values are preset, the strategy is ready to go)

Don't go blind with any indicator, do your research before involving real money

May 27
Notas de Lançamento: Added new MTF cloud for trend confirmation
May 31
Notas de Lançamento: Added Squeeze Momentum to the list of conditions (on top of the charts are lime up arrows for when the squeeze is above 0 and is pointing upward and red down arrows when the squeeze is below 0 and pointing downward)

Added another alert for exit (a single alert for SL and TP)
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look nice!, i will fight with this and test :)
Zekis dilace
@dilace, Take your time, hope it helps
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