Flying Buddha Inside Bars Indicator v1 by JustUncleL

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This indicator plots MAs and paints Triggered Alert Arrows base on Flying Buddha candle patterns.

The “Flying Buddha” Pattern is defined as:
A candlestick chart with two moving averages: the 5 period exponential moving average (fast EMA ) and the 10 period simple moving average (slow SMA ), both applied to the closing price. The default “Flying Buddha” pattern is any candlestick which:
  • 1. Has a LOW above the fast EMA , when the fast EMA is above the slow SMA (a bearish “Flying Buddha”); or
  • 2. Has a HIGH below the fast EMA , when the fast EMA is below the slow SMA (a bullish “Flying Buddha”).

Alert Trigger:
A Flying Buddha Alert is triggered on the first candle that is a non-flying Buddha candle after a Flying Buddha Pattern candle sequence. Flying Buddhas can optionally be filtered by InsideBars and PinBars.

The Alert Trigger is optionally filtered by the Directional MA (default=EMA 89), and/or by Minimum Sequence length of Flying Buddhas.

Moving Averages:
You can select between 11 different types of moving averages, for each MA line in Flying Buddha MAs (fastMA and slowMA) and the Directional Filter MA:
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Hi there

how can i get this indicator?
JustUncleL binusguru
@binusguru, This indicator is freely available in the TradingView Public indicator library. Just find and select it from the library to load it on your TradingView chart.
It is possible to add the offset at sma and ema ?
@vaicru,MA offset was not part of the Flying Buddha definition, however, you should not need them you can alternatively change the EMA/SMA lengths or even their types if you want to experiment away from the Standard Flying Buddha MAs. You want something that sits tight with the candles but shows up the Pullbacks, say something like SSMA(14)/EMA(14).

Muchas gracias de sus scripts, son de gran ayuda

Mi problema es el miedo y a eso no tengo ayuda

Los scripts me sirven para ver como han funcionado, después de pasado

No hay manera que aprenda y ahora ya no entro al trading, estoy aterrorizado

Repito, gracias por todo lo que hace

any timeframe ?
@vaicru, Any time frame, but I believe you will get more consistent results on higher TFs, 1hr and 4hr.
awesome! thanks alot for sharing @JustUncleL :)
hi unclel
The formula for making a 1-day Fibonacci line.
Can you take a look at the formula?
What's wrong is not working.

study(title="day fibo", overlay=true)
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