[RS]RSI Divergence V1

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study(title="RSI Divergence V0", shorttitle="RSID.V0", overlay=false)
buylimit = input(40)
selllimit = input(60)

source = close

rsi1 = rsi(source, input(14))
rsi2 = rsi(source, input(50))

plot(rsi1, color=#98b8be, style=histogram, linewidth=2, histbase=50)
plot(rsi2, color=#be9e98, style=histogram, linewidth=2, histbase=50)

plot(rsi1, color=black, style=line, linewidth=1)
plot(rsi2, color=black, style=line, linewidth=1)

hline(buylimit, color=green)
hline(selllimit, color=maroon)