Martin Trend Candles Trailing Stop and Early Exit

PLEASE READ: This indicator is an addition to the Martin Trend Line Candles indicator. This indicator does not work by itself, please get the Martin Trend Candles + Color Change Alert indicator first before this indicator :)

1. The blue line is a LIVE trailing stop loss line that automatically moves up along the bottom of your candles for a long position, and automatically switches and move down above your candles for a short position.
2. The colored meter at the bottom identifies early exit opportunities for you when using this indicator with the Martin Trend Line Candles indicator.

EXTRA FEATURE: This indicator NEVER repaints so when you receive a color change in the bottom meter you can rest assured it is a final signal.

This is one the first indicator of its kind on TradingView that has a live trailing stop loss line that automatically switches from below your candles and moves up with your long positions and then automatically switches above your candles and moves down with your short positions. This now allows you to lock in guaranteed profits as your position gains value. Incredible!

Get This Indicator Today!
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Get This Indicator Today!
Purchase at:

View a full video tutorial on how to use this indicator at the link above.
Jun 15
Notas de Lançamento: Update! - You now have the ability to set up live alerts for early exit opportunities with the green and red bars at the bottom of your chart. This will help you exit positions sooner to lock in more profit on all your long and short trades :) Enjoy!
Jun 21
Notas de Lançamento: Update - Faster and more accurate Early Exit alert notifications.
Apr 16
Notas de Lançamento: Increased accuracy of early exit bottom bars!
Apr 17
Notas de Lançamento: Faster and more accurate alerts!
Apr 17
Notas de Lançamento: Official version update.
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Hello sir
Plz can I get access to this indicators

Also plz give me ( MARTIN TREND METER )

Thank you
hi can i have the access on trial basis
Just paid for the 7 day trial. Please send my access thank you
TradeIndicators LeoLannister
@LeoLannister, Awesome! The team is working through emails now and getting you access!
Why dont you use this ... in ur trading system ?
add and keep in ur trading setup so people will come to know about this ...
Just paid for the 7 day trial. Please send my access thank you
@sdeen24, Hi! Just sent you an email back and you're ready to rock and roll :)
Hi, Martin...I would very much like to try these two indicators...can you arrange?
Thanks so much.
@benelibra, Shoot me over a PM and I'll set you up :)
Hi Martin
I've paid for trial. Please activate your indicator for me
thank you
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