mForex - Keltner channel + EMA Scalping system

Transaction setup parameters
  • Time frame: M5, M15
  • Currency pair: EUR / USD , GPB / USD
  • Transaction: London, USA
  • Number of orders / day: 10 - 15 orders

Trading strategies
=== BUY ===
  • Candles close on the upper Keltner
  • EMA10 crosses the upper Keltner range from below
  • Stop loss in the middle band or up to 12 pips
  • Profit target: 15-25 pips

=== SELL ===
  • Candles close below Keltner below
  • EMA10 crosses the Keltner range below from above
  • Stop loss in the middle band or up to 12 pips
  • Profit target: 15-25 pips
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what about EMA 110? why du you need it?
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redf0x1 vinosbacco
@vinosbacco, The EMA110 in this strategy is useful for more precise trend identification.
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Thanks this looks fun.
I will adjust this script to match the MES - - Micro e-mini Futures.

Ticks are $1.25 per tick.
Typical scalp in terms of risk is based on fee + number of contracts = profit. I like to make about $10 after fees. I find scalping to be massively less risky than long trades .

I will send you my edits.

This is a very useful script!!!!
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redf0x1 forestcall
@forestcall, Thanks very much.
Sorry for the late reply, if you have any ideas, text me

forestcall redf0x1
@redf0x1, I used your script for MES Micro Futures and had 6 good trades. Since the market has been so unstable this method has not come up as much. I did some replay tests from last year and this worked much more often. Where did you get the original concept or did you design this fully yourself? It would cool to incorporate some volume profile status which might indicate trend direction. But so far pretty cool.
redf0x1 forestcall
@forestcall, All the scripts I write are based on our team's real experience.
Hope it helps people to earn more income from this market.
i have a question im new to trading view and using pinescript.. do we have to set-up the timeframe M5 and M15 inside the pine-script ourself ? and if so what line is it line 10?
redf0x1 Barnone3
@Barnone3, Oh no, You do not need to set timeframe in code because tradingview supports timeframe conversion right on the interface.
For line 10, this is just a function for calculating the drawing of Keltner lines
Thank You
redf0x1 Sayasith_Eakasouk
@Sayasith_Eakasouk, Thank a lot of!!!
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