RSI Divergence Candles V0

EXPERIMENTAL: candle version for a RSI script i did for JR.
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study(title="RSI Divergence Candles V0")
src = input(close)
fast_length = input(8)
slow_length = input(55)
smooth = input(10)
overbought = input(70)
oversold = input(30)

fast_rsi = rsi(src, fast_length)
slow_rsi = rsi(src, slow_length)

smooth_fast_rsi = sma(fast_rsi, smooth)
smooth_slow_rsi = sma(slow_rsi, smooth)
plotcandle(smooth_slow_rsi, max(fast_rsi, slow_rsi), min(fast_rsi, slow_rsi), smooth_fast_rsi, title='rsi bars', color=smooth_fast_rsi>=smooth_slow_rsi?green:maroon)

hline(overbought, color=black)
hline(oversold, color=black)