Nick Rypock Trailing Reverse (NRTR)

This indicator was invented in 2001 by Konstantin Kopyrkin. The name "Nick Rypock" is derived from his surname reading in the opposite direction:

Kopyrkin -> Kopyr Kin -> Kin Kopyr -> Nik Rypok

The idea of the indicator is similar to the Chandelier Exit , but doesn't involve ATR component and uses a percentage instead.

A dynamic price channel is used to calculate the NRTR. The calculations involve only those prices that are included in the current trend and exclude the extremes related to the previous trend. The indicator is always at the same distance (in percent) from the extremes reached by prices (below the maximum peak for the current uptrend, above the minimum bottom for the current downtrend).
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Can we use this script / strategy for stocks?
Thank you!
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everget Raffi66
@Raffi66, sure
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thanks for sharing this! it seems work better in small tf than large tf, interesting:)
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everget blackcat1402
@blackcat1402, you are welcome!
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This might be a silly question but can anyone please tell me what is the difference between this indicator and Chandelier Exit - in terms of the usage and singles that need to be beware of? Thank you so much.
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everget Dr-Stone
@Dr-Stone, read the description please
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Very cool indicator but where is the buy and sell entry and exit very hard to see... How can I back test?
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