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Let's talk a little about this indicator robot called the Temporal Window, this robot has as main characteristic to identify strong acute movements of fall, creating temporary windows where it is possible to start a purchase process, another characteristic of this indicator is that it has a greater number of entries per day in terms of target the main differential of this strategy is to use a moving target that increases the hit rate and eliminates the need to use a stop loss. Let's go to the numbers:


Review Period: 2018-01-01 to 2018-06-21
Number of transactions: 349
Graphic time: 45 minutos
Average operation time: 7 candles or 315 minutes
Hit rate: Greater than 65%
Profit factor: Greater than 1.5 is the ratio of gross profit to gross profit. The higher the profit factor, the greater the profit in relation to the loss, the ideal being that the profit factor is above 2. When the profit factor is below 1, it means that the loss is greater than the profit, and the strategy will return injury.
Lower capital appreciation: Less than 10%
Maximum Profit: $1180.07
Maximum loss: $1360.00

To get access to this indicator robot leave a comment requesting the release for testing. In order to keep a close follow up of the people who are using this tool we will be releasing only 20 licenses of permanent use by means of payment in crypto-currencies like:

Payment in BTC quantity = 0.01439873
Payment in LTC quantity = 1
Payment in ETH quantity = 0.378

In this way we recommend that you guarantee your permanent license soon.

Any questions we will be available.

Strong hug!!!
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