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//1.Buy when all three lines are become Red to Green or yellow and cover the position even one green become Red line next
//2.Sell when all the three line are become red and cove the position even one line become red to Green or yellow.
Notas de Lançamento: A minor change in the alert added.
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any idea what stocks this is best used on?
up and down and up and down ;)
Does this indicator repaint?
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your last 2 alertconditions look like they are missing the reference to the previous candle .

there is no way that Trend1 could ever equal both 1 and -1
@B120626, Thanks for your update,
Please check and strategize it. It is nothing to do with previous candle here.
B120626 MarxBabu
@MarxBabu, sorry i don't understand it. Please explain: How would the alert condition ever be triggered? How can Trend1 variable be equal to 1 and -1 at the same time? what is the difference between plaincg the negative 1 before the positive one on the second alertcondition? It appears to me that they would both be equivalent.
@MarxBabu, I believe @B120626 is referring to lines 76 and 77 where you have the condition "alertcondition(Trend1 == 1 and Trend1 == -1 ? Trend1 : na, title='Up Entry Arrow', message='Up Entry Arrow!')". It is not possible for (Trend1==1 and Trend1== -1) to ever be true.
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MarxBabu JustUncleL
@JustUncleL, Let me check this
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Gowsigan MarxBabu
@MarxBabu, ????
pabs3991 Gowsigan
Change to:

alertcondition(Trend1 == 1 and Trend1 == -1 ? Trend1 : na, title='Up Entry Arrow', message='Up Entry Arrow!')
alertcondition(Trend1 == -1 and Trend1 == 1 ? Trend1 : na, title='Down Entry Arrow', message='Down Entry Arrow!')
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