Ampleforth Rebase MACD

This script reveals Ampleforth rebase levels which are going to always work. In addition to that is MACD crossovers serving as potential buy/sell entries. You can set alerts for MACD crossovers and price entering balanced value area (0.96 - 1.06).

MACD signals can be used to automatically open a position and entering a balanced value area can be used as take-profit. Since the price will always move to this level, using this strategy without leverage should be profitable.

Ampleforth seems like a nice asset to trade since it is unlikely to correlate with anything else. At least not when it gets to the extreme levels.
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Though I am not sure how fast the rebase is and how much it will affect trading. Take it as beta for now.
bronzeenigma greenmask9
@greenmask9, could you run this sometime today if you get a chance?
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