[Herif's] Harmonic Patterns Projection

Harmonic Pattern Projection open source

Bullish and bearish 5-point patterns are based on various Fibonacci retracement levels and signify potential reversal zones (PRZ).
As they become 0%-80% complete, the dashed-line pattern will appear, displaying the PRZ and giving you time to prepare for a reversal.

Different combinations of specific fib retracements and extensions result in different patterns, and each is named for identification.
Bullish patterns signify a potential turn to the upside are colored green.
Bearish patterns signify a potential turn to the downside are colored red.

1- Live harmonic patterns which are still in trade with XABCD and ratio with labels.
2- Entry, Stop and Target levels on chart for all patterns.

in Settings:
Error Percent - This is error tollerance for matching pattern ratios. Cannot expect price ratios to be exactly as per books. Hence, adding few error tolerance will help identify patterns better. In this indicator defatult 1%

When there are multiple patterns on chart, Entry, Stop, and Target labels and lines are created with specific distance from each other to provide clarity to the users.

Trailing and Targets

1-Trailing Start Stage - Defines when to start trailing stop-loss. It is recommended to set this value to either Target 1 or Target 2. Disabling the trailing or setting too far away may lead to being in trade on ranging market for too long. This may also result in drawing errors related to distance from current bar.

2- Custom Target Levels - Target and stop levels are set to optimal values based on individual patterns. If you want to override these levels, use the available input option to override targets and chose your custom Target1, Target2, Target3 and Target4

All Pending Patterns you can enable or disable

Classic Patterns : Gartley , Bat, Butterfly , Crab , Deep Crab , Cypher , Shark , Nenstar
Anti Patterns: Anti Nenstar, Anti Shark , Anti Cypher , Anti Crab , Anti Butterfly , Anti Bat, Anti Gartley , Navarro 200

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