JCREV FX - Find Reversals and Profit.

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Your GPS for finding Forex reversals.

JCREV FX is a powerful pro-level indicator that works with TradingView
to help you hunt down and locate reversals BEFORE they happen, so you can profit.

- Leading indicator = be there before the move
- Beautiful, simple signals
- Designed specifically for Forex
- Locates both long and short reversals
- Powerful alone or supercharge your system
- Works on multiple timeframes

100% Proprietary Algorithms.
Years of Research & Development.

Improve your accuracy and boost your confidence.
Put JCREV FX on your charts and start finding profitable setups today.

Find reversals and profit:
w w w . JCREV . cc

Notas de Lançamento:
Version 2 of JCREV FX is a major update and features improved accuracy across all signals.

The signal system remains easy to use and is even more powerful.
All names and functionality of each signal have been enhanced:

What does each signal mean?
JCRadar: Most common signal. Detects that a reversal may be coming.
JCSignal: Usually appears when a stronger trend is exhausted, indicating that the next Signal has boosted odds of success.
JCREV Super: Indicates that a reversal may occur soon.
JCREV Divergence: Proprietary algo for detecting a certain type of divergence.

While each signal can often work alone, clusters of signals are even more exciting, as they have shown to be even more accurate.

JCRadar leading up to JCREV Super is a favorite.
JCSignal is a flag for momentum exhaustion, which means that the move can either move sideways for a bit, or experience a stronger reversal in a subsequent JCREV Super signal.

Updates and improvements are in constant development for JCREV FX.

Find Reversals and Profit.
Notas de Lançamento: Ver. 3

"JCREV Signal" label has been updated to "JCRadarX" to minimize confusion.

To Recap:

There are two long/short signals:
1. JCREV Super
2. JCREV Divergence

There are two "warnings":
1. JCRadar
2. JCRadarX (stronger)

The warnings suggest a reversal is coming.
The signals are confirmation of those warnings.

Thus, clusters -- JCRadar followed by JCREV Super, for example -- have the best odds.
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Great Job , I have found 2 successful reversals since the last 24 hours
MACGroup_LLC marwanaledreesi
@marwanaledreesi, That's fantastic, Marwan! We really appreciate the feedback.
may i try
@bonnie33, DM me for access.
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